Easter Inking

Easter crept up on me this year. As in, I only realised it was this past Sunday on Wednesday, four days before. Shockingly, in a hot and predominantly Buddhist country, Easter eggs are rather hard to come by. So it’s fair to say that the festivities passed me by. I didn’t even eat chocolate on Sunday.

But we all know that’s not what Easter is all about. No, it’s about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. The son of God died on the cross for us, crucified with nails through his hands and feet. So this year I decided to recreate the pain he suffered by getting a tattoo on my foot. Yes, I did just compare the death of a martyr which began one of the world’s largest religions to my own decision to get inked. Again.

Sorry to those people who thought this was going to be a religious piece, you can stop reading now.

This was my seventh tattoo and scored higher than all of my others combined on the pain scale. You may be sat there thinking that I brought that on myself since it was of course my choice to get it but seriously it hurt like nothing else! Perhaps it was something to do with the quote I chose being etched less than an inch above the sole of my foot. It was worth it though as I really like the finished design.

I wasn’t alone either in my decision to honour Jesus’ resurrection this way. I was accompanied by my flatmate, Jordan. And more importantly, this was her first tattoo! Or tattoos: she got two. It’s always nice to have someone beside you when a Hungarian man is carving black ink into your skin. Naturally we captured the events of the day so enjoy this little montage of photos from the moment the needle first touched our skin to the last flourish. Actually, it wasn’t a flourish. A flourish with a tattoo needle could lead to a permanent mistake.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, my parents do not like my tattoos and seemed to forget (along with my brother and sister-in-law) on Easter Sunday evening that Skype works both ways and their disdained faces were still visible on my screen even if they could only see my illustrated foot. Sorry, Mum and Dad.


Getting ready for the inking!


Watching the permanence being applied


Tiny airplane begins to appear on Jordan’s ankle


I don’t know why the room was full of balloons …


The quote begins


Trying hard not to curse, move my foot, or cry


Complete! And worth the pain. In case you can’t read the quote: “It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels”


My existing back tattoo – A lemon, Star of David, my dance school logo, and a crucifix surrounding Cambodia in Khmer


My existing ankle gecko. The bike and the quote are on the inside of this foot

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