There’s Nothing Like Australia

November marked the start of a two month vacation for me. Yes this is another blog about a holiday, sorry! To kick things off, I flew to Australia where I was reunited with my mum, dad, and older sister. Fran has lived in Perth, Western Australia for about eight years now and this was my third trip out to see her but the first time all of us had been together down under.


Reunited in Perth and already exploring the Australian bush!

I was only in Australia for a week, joining my parents for the final stint of their three week holiday there and we split our time between Rottnest Island and Fremantle. Rottnest is a relatively small island off the coast of Perth which is very popular with both local and foreign tourists. Its main attraction are these little guys:



Quokkas are marsupials which stand at about thirty centimetres high. Despite their rat-like tails, they are impossibly cute and excellent selfie takers. Look at their little grins!!! You’re not actually allowed to touch them but if they bump into your hand, that’s alright isn’t it?


So many Quokkas!

Rottnest is also popular for cyclists as the roads are great quality and almost completely empty. So on our first full day, we hired bicycles and set off, stopping regularly to look at quokkas by the side of the road of course. This trip took a downhill turn for me when, on a walk down to a beautiful beach, I spotted a snake. Those of you who know me will be aware that I have a massive phobia of snakes. Needless to say I ran back up to the road and perched on a bench, feet off the floor, until my family returned. We saw three more of these poisonous snakes throughout that day. Grrrrr.


Cycling Family


Beautiful beaches

But it was worth the fear because the island is just stunningly beautiful and we spent a wonderful hour on the beach photographed above after my mum and I went swimming. Oh and the quokkas were cute, did I mention them? Our beach-hut style accommodation also afforded us sunsets like this one every night – perfection.


Back on the mainland, we stayed in a quirky little town, just south of Perth, called Fremantle. It’s an alternative, arty, hipster type place. Basically the perfect place to go shopping if you’re a millionaire. But also a great town to wander around, window-shop, admire the street art, and try out various cafes. They also have an amazing brewery called Little Creatures where we enjoyed some beers one evening before heading for fish and chips. Not quite like the Devonian version but pretty damn good, nonetheless.


Just an example of some of the incredible street art in Fremantle. Rainbow zebra!

On our last day, we had to be out of our rental property several hours before my parents and I caught our flight to Cambodia (hint about the next blog entry there) so we headed to Kings Park. For those of you who don’t know Perth or aren’t avid botanists, this is a wonderful garden and parkland set high on the hill above the city. With views over the skyline and plants from around the world, it’s an amazing place to experience Australia and all the incredible flowers and trees that it’s climate allows to grow.


Posing with the view over Perth hours before we said goodbye to Fran

It’s always sad saying goodbye to Fran but it’s become a regular event as the two of us fly backwards and forwards between our new homes and England. She waved us off at the airport as I led my parents into the terminal and on towards our flight to Cambodia.

Watching this space for a blog about my parents’ first trip to South East Asia!

And below are a selection of some holiday snaps – apparently traveling with my mother means I take photos of birds …


Peacock on Rottnest


Kanga and Roo on the mainland


Sleepy Koala


More Quokkas


A very blue bird – a bee-eater if I remember correctly


Quokka Selfie – this photo has since been retweeted over 600 times on Twitter (just FYI)


Beer, beach, sunset – perfect holiday evening


This didn’t take as many attempts as one would think!

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One thought on “There’s Nothing Like Australia

  1. Shira

    Thank you Ruth – gives a brilliant flavour of our holiday.
    P.S. The blue bird is a splendid fairy wren.


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