For those of you who know me, you may not be surprised to hear I have spontaneously acquired a kitten.

OK there was a plan, vaguely. I wanted a kitten. My flatmate Jordan was on board. My work has an abundance of cats. We decided to think about it for two weeks and if we were sure after weighing up all the pros and cons, we’d get a cat. Four days later, Nugget was home.

It wasn’t my fault honest! I did what any animal loving person would have done in the situation.

So here’s the situation: On Friday 3rd July I went to get some flashcards out of my word box in my classroom and discovered a mother and three kittens. They were so cute, look!

One day old Nugget!

One day old Nugget!

I put myself on kitten protection duty for the rest of the day and got the classroom windows fixed so the children wouldn’t climb in at the weekend and steal the kittens (it had happened before). When I arrived at work on Monday 6th July, the kittens were gone. They reappeared, happy and healthy, a few weeks ago and I recognised them immediately. It made me realise how much I miss having animals at home. When I voiced this, Jordan was also keen to rectify our house as a pet-free zone.  We agreed to wait two weeks after I’d identified the sweetest, strongest, and most importantly female kitten.


So what went wrong? Well, three days after this agreement had been made, I went down to my old classroom to get some of the children to design Christmas cards for my new SKOPE project (yes I know it’s October) and two of the kittens were covered in green paint. Yep, green paint.



I was livid! I decided there and then to take our kitten home that night. Granted we had nothing at all prepared – no food, litter tray etc. But I knew I didn’t want her staying there any longer for fear of her turning green over the weekend.

Last meal from mummy with her brother and sister

Last meal from mummy with her brother and sister

The bus journey back was … interesting. She did not want to be in the box. All the children in the school van wanted to see in the box. It was hot. I was stressed. Oh and I’d texted my landlady to let her know and she’d responded that we couldn’t keep her. Oops.

I arrived home, climbed out of the van with my cat in a box and immediately showed her to my landlady hoping her cute little kitten face would change her mind. It didn’t.

The first evening involved a lot of meowing but I did discover that she was litter box trained – hurray! The rest of the weekend involved me texting/facebooking everyone I knew asking if they wanted a kitten. No one did. On Monday, I spoke to my landlady and told her we still had the cat. She agreed to give us a one month trial.

So, meet Nugget. OK her official name is Rachel Share, in honour of one of my best friends, Rachel Sher, who is moving back into our house when she returns from her travels in January. Did I mention Rachel isn’t a cat lover?

Anyway, Rachel/Nugget is the cutest little fluff ball ever. Ok she does have the occasional mad attack and my legs may or may not be covered in scratches. But as I type this, she is curled up on my big chair, snuggled up to a teddy bear I gave her looking adorable. She sleeps on my bed every night and just loves to be close to people. I’m yet to roll over and squash her so that’s a win for everyone involved. Her only bad habit is waking me up most days at 6:30am. Actually, that’s a good day. It’s usually 6am. And how does she wake me up? An attack to the face. I’ve now got a giant super soaker in my bedroom so I’ll be squirting that behaviour out of her asap!

For now I’ll leave you with a few photos of my new companion!


She loves my laptop!


Starting her young


Palm sized!


Nugget in a bowl!


Nugget on a lamp!


Nugget attacking her teddybear



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