Three Wishes

Just when I think it’s not possible to love my Grade 4 class any more …

Today we were reading the story of “The Three Wishes”. If you’re not familiar basically a man does a good deed, gets granted three wishes and promptly wastes them. There are sausages involved, it’s weird! After reading the story I told the students they each had to think of three wishes, and that one of the wishes had to be for other people, or another person. Basically they couldn’t just wish for money, a big house, and a car for themselves. Their responses were so overwhelmingly thoughtful, insightful, and compassionate I thought my heart was going to burst with love for these remarkable students. I honestly believe if the entire Cambodian government was replaced by these eight angels today, the country would be in safe hands!

I’ve written up their wishes below, complete with a picture of each child to show you these great kids I have the pleasure of teaching every day.

Bush David Davy Mony Sak Sasda Sokheng Vannary

I rather like some of the juxtapositions between wanting a new computer and stopping human trafficking. And in case you were wondering, I provided the technical terms for many of these wishes.

Oh and a couple of the kids had some time at the end of class and doodled a few of their wishes too!

"Land mines are bad! Put up signs so people don't lose limbs!"

“Land mines are bad! Put up signs so people don’t lose limbs!”



"If you kill someone, the police will arrest you and lock you in jail!"

“If you kill someone, the police will arrest you and lock you in jail!”

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