Bizarre Books, Laughable Literature, and Random Reads

Sovann Komar is very lucky to have an extensive library on site. I believe that reading and literature is a vital part of education and encourage my students to read as much as possible, both inside and outside of the classroom Every Wednesday I take my Grade 3 and Grade 4 classes there to do some one on one reading with them. Jo assists me with the Grade 3 classes, working with the higher level kids. This allows me to work on challenges faced by struggling individuals and gauge the level at which each child is working and progressing. The books are mostly donations and cover a vast array of topics. Whilst the library would not exist without the generous contributions made by past volunteers, donors, and other people with connections to Sovann Komar, the random people, places, and ways in which these books arrived makes for a rather … eclectic mix. Below are a few of mine and Jo’s favourite titles.

Completely Inappropriate Books

  • Abdominal Operations – illustrated!
  • Foreign Market Entry Strategies – I don’t think the foreign minister nor the economic minister has a Sovann Komar library pass.
  • Practice Karate, Volume VI: Self-Defence in Special Situations – not much use without the other five books.
  • How to do business with the Japanese – is this mildly racist?
  • Liberal Socialism Applied – aka how to launch a suicide mission in a dictatorial county.
  • Catalysis in Micellara and Macromolecular Systems – so far beyond the education of anyone with access to this library.

Abdominal Operations

Completely Irrelevant Books

  • Kneed it, Punch it, Bake it – not one of the ten houses within Sovann Komar has an oven …
  • Girl Scouts Badges and Signs – there are no scout groups in Cambodia.
  • Pruning Handbook – we have gardeners at Sovann Komar but they are English illiterate.
  • The United Nations in the Post-Cold War era – international politics is not a high priority on the English syllabus.
  • Marxism: The Science of Society – who’s up for some in-depth sociological debates?
  • Public Administration in the United States – perhaps study your own country first?
  • Introduction to United States Internal Taxation – ^^^
The United Nations in the Post-Cold War Era

The United Nations in the Post-Cold War Era

Just why?

  • Vegetable and Fruit Carving
  • Safe Firefighting 
  • Cities of Canada: Volume I – where’s volume II?
  • Drawing and Planning for Industrial Arts
  • Selling your Screenplay – because so many of our students are budding script writers.
  • What’s the matter with Kansas? How conservatives won the heart of America – Jo: “I forget Kansas is a place”
  • Co-ordination Polymerisation – what even is this?
Vegetable and Fruit Carving

Vegetable and Fruit Carving

I hope some of these made you laugh, or re-read the titles in amazement. If you are interested in expanding our literature collection, maybe you’ve spotted a gap, please comment below or send me an email. You can never have too many books!

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3 thoughts on “Bizarre Books, Laughable Literature, and Random Reads

  1. Reblogged this on stephaniecardozo and commented:
    I completely agree with this post! Reading pushes beyond our limits and takes us to new terrains. I personally do not know where I would be without the written word!


    • Thanks for your comment Stephanie. I love reading and I’m hoping to impart this passion to at least some of my students!
      And thank you also for reblogging the post – it’s great to be able to reach even more people this way.

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